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Astral Pioneers is an NFT and Metaverse project on the Ethereum blockchain. Collect one of 10,000 AP NFTs to secure your AP States metaverse land. 2 guaranteed spots per AP NFT through a 50,000 APIC airdrop to each AP NFT.

Use AP resource tokens to create and build anything you want, minted as NFTs. Resource tokens are burned when you build something with them giving your creations actual intrinsic value.

Become a citizen of AP with a Soulbound Token. This allows you to vote on legislation, delegate your vote, propose legislation, run to become a senator, and vote bills into law.

There are 30 initial planets in the AP Metaverse with 3000 AP States per planet. Landowners can mine their land for 15 different ERC-20 resource tokens.

Sell your creations on the AP platform. You as a creator can also create and sell blueprints of your creations so others can build your designs. 

Buy your own newly created planet in three different sizes and sell your own metaverse land from that planet. Recruit other players to gain representation in the Senate.

There are more details in the Astral Pioneers Whitepaper.

You can mint an Astral Pioneers NFT here.

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